Office Ergonomics

This week I want to talk about something important that most of us are not aware of. Office Ergonomics! With a few simple adjustments we can put less stress on our bodies and enable us to become more efficient in our daily work. Let’s explore some ways we can make some simple changes that will have a big impact on our office comfort.


Ensure the chair is suitable to support your back. Adjust the height of the chair to have your feet flat on the ground (or on a footrest). Make sure your thighs are parallel with the ground. If you have arm rests, adjust them properly so your shoulders sit relaxed while arms rest on them.
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Key Objects

In order to achieve max comfort, you will want to have all key items within arm’s reach. (Supplies, coffee, phone, etc.) This will ensure minimal strain on your body. Anything that is out of should require you to roll over in your chair or stand up.

Keyboard and mouse

Always keep mouse on the same surface as keyboard. Always try to keep wrists as straight as possible while typing or using mouse. Upper arms should also be close to body and hands at or slightly below the level of elbows. Keyboard shortcuts will reduce extended mouse use. Adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to make sure it is light to the touch. For a real challenge to reduce strain on the hand, switch the mouse to your non dominant hand.
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Traditional receiver while typing can lead to neck strain. If you can, get a headset or put the phone on speaker rather than cradling the phone between head and neck.
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Footrest (If Necessary)

If your chair happens to be too high or if the height of your desk requires you to raise your chair, you will want to get a footrest. If a footrest is not available you will want to get a stool or stack of books.


There should be plenty of clearance for your knees at all times. If the desk is too low, it’s best to use some boards or blocks under the legs in order to raise the desk. If it’s too high, then raise your chair to the best comfort. Pad the desk were necessary and avoid hard edges. It is best to not store items under the desk that will interfere with legs.
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The monitor should always be within arm’s length of you. The top screen should be at or slightly below eye level. Monitor should always be directly behind the keyboard. If you wear glasses, lower the monitor an additional one to two inches.

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