Spring Cleaning is here!

It’s that time of that year again when we realize we have acquired too much clutter in our work space. Even the dust bunnies have accumulated enough to be considered decorations for Easter.
Having a clean and organized workspace will not only look good but also boost productivity. During this time of year it’s important to re-energize yourself and achieve maximum chi in your work environment.
Here are some ways on how you can clean your surroundings while also becoming organized.

1. Make sure you can find the time.
It’s important to set a window of time in order to accomplish your cleaning and organizing. Make a commitment to yourself and your office space.


2. Avoid the distractions.

Office Distractions are all around us. From small little tasks to co-workers making jokes and small talk. Everything can be accomplished in due time, just make sure you finish what you start.


3. Prioritize what you need.

On a daily basis, in your personal space, it’s better to be efficient with everything at arm’s reach. Having to get up constantly and wander off to find what it you are looking for can become a big time waster.


4. Wipe down all surfaces.

Give everything a thorough cleaning. Unless you’re making the time daily or weekly to clean, things will buildup. It’s time to say goodbye to that.


5. Organize your desktop.

For all us that are constantly on a computer, we find ourselves clicking, dragging, copying items all day long. Sometimes those items don’t go in the proper folders or our desktop looks like connect four with all the icons.


6. Reward yourself!

Get yourself some new candy, flowers, or that really cool looking sleek pen you have been eyeing. Anything that will make you happy in your environment and boost productivity.


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