Branding Beyond the Basics

When ordering/considering promotional items, we tend to stay with what is familiar. On average, pens have 7 users through their life. Tote bags can be used at the grocery store, for a trip to the beach or a carry on when traveling. For these reasons pens and totes seem to be the most common marketing pieces. Let’s think beyond the basics.





How do you take your coffee? A mug for the morning cup, or to go for those of us who need caffeine to function beyond zombie mode. Or have try both! A mug to use in the office and a lid when running out.




Drink Up! Breakfast in a cup or water at arm’s reach tumblers and sport bottles are a new favor for all. Whether constantly on the go or keeping hydrated we love our bottles.





Desk accessories are practical and supplies we all use. From doctor’s offices to insurance companies, there can never be enough pens or post-its. We all use mouse pads, why not make it yours! Make it a calendar or writing pad, right under their nose and in sight everyday.






Sending a client documents? Remind them where it comes from and that you are just a phone call away with folders. Coasters, paperclip dispenser, picture frame, mousepad, writing pad, thank you cards, highlighters, pens, folders, calculators and stylus are just items I rounded up around our office…






Totes are great! Especially in an economy who tries to make every effort to be green, reusable bags will soon be the only option we have when out shopping. Backpacks are an alternative we do  not always consider. Having extra pockets help in organization and great for travel! Use it as a carry on and keep everything in place.  You will be amazed by how much fits in a compact space.




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