Clean up – When the company celebrations are said and done…



Start cleaning up during the party

Rather than waiting for the last employee to finish up to start the cleanup process, it will go much quicker if you start before employees have left. This serves three purposes. One, it sends a quiet signal to employees that the party is winding down. Second, it will most likely spur some employees to offer to help. Thirdly, of course, it gets the cleanup underway so there is less to do after the employees have returned to work or have gone home.

Start by taking garbage bags and going from area to area collecting trash. For ease of separation later, it’s a good idea to color-code the garbage , we suggest Boardwalk liners — clear for recycling and black  for trash. Bring everything back to the breakroom. It’s best to have all the mess in one central place to better contain it, attack it and deal with it. If your conference room is party central, think of your kitchen/breakroom as mess central.


Finish the cleanup
Now that the last employee has left, it’s time to move beyond the light cleanup you started while the party was winding down and shift into major mess removal gear. While you may think your first plan of post-party attack would be to finish the garbage collection, that’s not the case. You must first scout out and eliminate any spills before they become stains. Do a good office walk-through, looking for water marks on tables and spills on floors or chairs. Deal with these first, before they set.

For spills on floors or chairs, the first goal is to soak up any excess liquid. Take a paper towel (or a few, depending on the size and severity of the spill) and fold it over, then press it into the stain to soak up the liquid. Repeat this process until you can’t absorb any more liquid into the towel.

Now use your go-to stain remover to finish the job. For water stains on wood, use a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth such as Boardwalk Furniture Polish and Endust® Dust Cleaning Cloths.


boardwalk polishEndust cloths









Once back in mess central — your kitchen — take the clear garbage bags filled with recyclables and put the contents into their respective recycling bins and put the black  garbage bags where the trash goes. Go back through the office with a dust cloth for wood surfaces.


black liners

clear liners



recycling bin






For all other surfaces, use paper towels that have been lightly spritzed with an all-purpose cleaner, we like Boardwalk® RTU All-Purpose Cleaner.

RTU Cleaner

 The last step is to relax and anticipate a happy, relaxed staff who are ready to get back in the swing of things.


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