Office Holiday Celebrations: Thanksgiving Potlucks

Have you been assigned the duty to make arrangements for the office Thanksgiving party? If yes, then start making preparations today. Follow the ideas shared below to arrange a corporate thanksgiving party that will ensure your next office potluck is a success!


Start with selecting a time and date:

Consider the demands of your industry. Retail businesses may need to schedule this when the location is less busy. Other offices may have many people taking their vacation the week of Thanksgiving. Consider a time early to mid month of November if your office tends to operate on a skeleton crew the week of.


Start Delegating:
Post signs around the office with the date and time. Also instruct people to a specific location to sign up to bring certain dishes. Place the sign up sheet in a central location where people will see it every day.

Include another sheet with the details of the event and a separate sheet for a few volunteers to sign up. Volunteers will be needed to set up the food, put ice in coolers, etc. For a larger workplace, you may want to have a sign up sheet for “Set Up Volunteers” and “Clean Up Volunteers”.

  • Consider the size of your office when adding the numbered lines. If you only have 20 people in your office, you may want to only put a few lines under each food category.
  • By limiting the number of items under each category you can be sure you will have enough of the appropriate food items and not 5,000 paper plates and bags of ice but nothing to eat.



Party Food Ideas: 

You may consult you co-staff members for selection of party food. Mostly cooked and liked thanksgiving party food include :

  • Vegetables
  • Casseroles
  • Bread/rolls
  • Stuffing/Dressing
  • Potato dishes
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Cranberry Sauce (bring dish and can opener if you are bringing canned items)
  • 5lbs bags of ice AND cooler
  • Salad/cold plates (pasta or potato salads, green salads with dressings, deviled eggs, etc.)
  • Desserts
    • Desserts are very popular so it’s best to add more lines for this category. Don’t add too many or you’ll be eating turkey and cake.
  • Drinks (Please bring 2 2 liter bottles, one regular and one diet or gallons of iced tea, one sweet and one unsweetened.)
    • Like desserts, you will need more lines for beverages.
  • Cups-Disposable
  • Heavy duty paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery. (Bring a package or two of each. Make sure the cutlery includes forks, knives and spoons.)

Give everyone plenty of time to go through and eat. Encourage people to get seconds or save leftovers on plates for any shift workers that may not be able to attend.

Enjoy this opportunity to share great food and spend time with your co-workers.

Happy Thanksgiving from the OxPros Team!



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