The Healthy Schools Project

To do well, students have to be well. Did you know that concept of  paper towels was invented by a teacher from Philadelphia in 1907? During a sever outbreak of colds this teacher cut paper into squares, so that they would not all use the same cloth towel and voilà! The paper towel was born!

Below are some interesting facts on how we are all affected when germs are brought to class.

  • About 25% of Americans go to school everyday. Unfortunately, so do their germs.
  • Studies show that only 58% of females and 48% of male high school students wash their hands after using the restroom.
  • Surfaces teachers touch have 10x more bacteria per square inch than any other profession.
  • Colds and flus are a major problem for education, with colds resulting in 189 million school days lost each year the flu alone is causing 38 million absences a year.
  • Teachers miss approximately 5.3 days a school year due to illness. Schools spend over $2 billion on substitute teacher pay each year.
  • Students miss approximately 4.5 days per school year.  This leads to lower achievement and higher school dropout rates.
  • PARENTS miss an approximate 3 days of work caring for a sick child, that equates to an estimated 126 million lost work days and $14.5 billion in lost productivity annually.

Good hygiene habits should begin at an early age and be reinforced throughout a child’s education. The Healthy Schools Project addresses students at every level starting in kindergarten and continuing through college. Young students are information sponges. That makes K-5 the perfect time to start learning about illness-causing germs and how to avoid them.

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