Care for Your Desk and It Will Take Care of You

Your office desk/space tends to become our home away from home. Why not take care of it that way. With continuous TLC your office furniture will last well beyond the usual manufacturer warranty. Natural wear and tear is bound to happen over time. Being proactive by using furniture polish, protective desk pads and regular cleanings will help keep that desk looking good as new.

Care and Cleaning Tips:

  • Beware of Sunlight. Yes, having a clear view to the world beyond the walls is preferred to staring at a blank wall all day, but what is it doing to your desk? Overtime the sun will cause your desk to fade.
  • Blot, Don’t Wipe! Have a spill? Clean it right away. White spots can appear from excess water that was not correctly or completely cleaned. It is suggested to blot the spill instead of smearing or wiping.
  • Lift, Never Slide. Coasters, cloth/felt and desk pads are suggested pieces for every desk. Coasters and cloth are the best way to keep that hot cup of coffee or dish on a wood surface. Desk pads help prevent scratches on the work surface. Often times we slide our phone, keyboard etc. across scratching the desk in the process rather than lifting and replacing.
  • Keep Germs Away. Wiping your keyboard, mouse, phone and work surfaces promote a healthier work place. Take a wipe or spray to your area a couple times a week to rid dirt and germs. CAUTION!!! The fresh scent may attract admirers.

Consider including one or few of these items to your next order:



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