The truth about Coffee and how it works

Most of us feel that we need caffeine to function, however we can’t give caffeine all the credit for bringing us back to life. In your brain there’s something called Adenosine and it usually only works with certain receptors called Adenosine receptors. When those certain receptors and Adenosine collide, it causes you to become drowsy. When we are in the office, the first thing most of us reach for is COFFEE; Why? CAFFEINE! The caffeine in coffee attaches itself to the Adenosine receptors so the Adenosine cannot. Now the next part may get tricky so stick with me…Your pituitary gland notices this happening and thinks the body is shutting down so it produces adrenaline. So now we have adrenaline plus caffeine running through our bodies. All of the sudden the clouds part, the sun shines, and the birds are chirping…you look at the time and it’s only NOON! Sorry folks, coffee helps give you a quick pick me up not speed up the hands of time.


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