Maximize Your Office Space

Get rid of clutter and get organized

Do you have piles of paper on top of your desk? Is there a barricade of boxes surrounding you? Try desk accessories! Using desk accessories will not only open up extra space you now have everything in one place. Keep it away in your drawer or in a spindle on your desk.



Move It!

In this tech-age most of us have flat screen monitors now, attach it to a desk arm. One more item off your desk and out of the way.




Build Up!
When considering office furniture, think height first. Hutches can be stacked on top of desks/credenzas to add storage without removing any office space. Storing files? Attach a pedestal under your desk or place it beside the desk for additional work space. Desk pads and bulletin boards are great add-ons for any work space to keep important dates allowing you to see the top of your desk again.

Alera Typical

Fall Clearing Out!

Get organized and begin preparing for the new year and fresh start. Take advantage of the savings and make your space work for you.


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